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In 1999 we premiered our first work that incorporated the musician into the visual imagery. It was entitled "Cello Fishing at Antibes," a play on Picasso's masterpiece "Night Fishing at Antibes." The work for dancers, cellist, and electro-acoustic sound environment, inspired this beautiful drawing by painter, writer, actor and filmmaker Peter Josyph. When we became a nonprofit in November of 1999, we knew that this drawing would be our logo.


Where are the dancers? They are there in the space, all around him. Celloman makes his music on our posters, postcards, programs and in our dreams. Since our inception in 1999, we have never performed without live music or without our musicians present on the stage and part of the work.  

Over the years, Peter Josyph has created different versions of our beloved Celloman. We invite you to look at the many versions of Celloman, and we have also included a still image of "Cello Fishing at Antibes" from our first performance as a nonprofit in January 2000. The work was about our longing to be connected to each other. Thanks for visiting this page. 

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