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Michele Brangwen:


Our list of works whose content could be construed as controversial, timely, and challenging, is long. I always maintain that it is the performance work itself that should speak to the audience. The more difficult the issue, the more reason for my wanting the performance work to be the means of communication and not my description of it. Sometimes the specifics of words when describing a work have the potential to interfere with the ability to reach a deeper and more emotional place in the audience who experiences the work. 


I truly believe that art can find ways forward, where rhetoric can't, because art reaches us on a visceral, other worldly level. How it speaks to us belies explanation. It takes us to a place where we can see and feel well beyond what is at the forefront of our conscious minds.

I would put forth here that one of reasons that discussion of the arts is taken out of the political discourse at present is for the very reasons stated above. It is a tool for understanding, togetherness and meaningful change. There is no greater marginalization than being removed from the discourse completely.

In light of these current times, I feel compelled to share some of our journey in making work that deals with issues we feel are complex and relevant to our humanity, both past and present. Many of the issues we have addressed in the past are actually even more relevant today. Rather than list the works with descriptions, this blog contains essays that previously have not been shared publicly, along with images and video. Thank you, as always, for watching and reading. 

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